Choosing the right home for your next holiday to Ireland is an important decision. It will be your base, where you can relax, unwind and enjoy precious time off with your loved ones.

To help you to make the right decision, we’ve put together a checklist of things to consider, or questions to ask when you select your holiday home. We hope you find it useful.

How many people does it sleep and how are they accommodated?

A good night’s sleep is essential to a great holiday and so you need to make sure your holiday home comfortably sleeps the number of people in your group. However, during your research make sure you check how the people are accommodated. Often, a holiday home says it sleeps a certain number, but that includes a sofa bed in the lounge.

This can be an issue if you have kids which go to bed early, or night owls in your group, as someone has to wait until everyone goes to bed before they can turn in for the night, then to make matters worse they are usually disturbed early when kids need breakfast, or want to watch TV! If there’s a big group of families or friends that wouldn’t fit into one holiday home, you need to look into nearby options so you can be close together.

At Hookless Holiday Homes, all our houses have three en-suite bedrooms, sleeping 6 people in comfort and leaving the living room free to relax, watch TV or a movie in peace. There are a total of 67 self-catering homes on the park, so it’s an ideal place for a big reunion or family holiday where people want their own space, but with shared communal areas and the ability to be together.

Where is it located and what is nearby?

If you’re visiting Ireland for the first time it can be difficult to understand where things are located, how far they are from the airport or main cities and what is close by. Google Maps is a great tool to find out what is walking distance and what is within a one-hour drive of your holiday home, so there are no nasty surprises.

Once you’ve got a sense of the location, you can decide whether you need to hire a car, or whether you’re in a city location and don’t need one.

Dig a little deeper into the area that your holiday home is located in. You need to know whether it will be central, noisy, isolated, or difficult to get to. You also need to see what activities there are to do near your holiday home and how easy it is to get there.

Make a list of essential things you want to do and discuss with the whole group what their ideal holiday in Ireland looks like and then choose a holiday home within easy reach of those things.

Hookless Holiday Homes are located in the heart of Hook Peninsula, in Ireland’s Ancient East. Wexford is an area full of history and heritage, as well as boasting some of Ireland’s most beautiful scenery and amazing trails for walking or cycling.

If you love to be beside the sea, within easy reach of lots of places to go and things to do and want an active holiday, the Hook Peninsula is for you. We are only two hours away from Dublin city and a two-and-a-half-hour drive to Dublin Airport.

We believe that our location is perfect, because of its picturesque setting, panoramic sea views and easy access to lots of amazing things to see and do. It is peaceful and relaxing, yet offers facilities and is easy to get to. You will need a car to stay at Hookless Holiday Homes, but the roads are good and there’s easy access onto the site. It’s also a perfect place to explore by bike if you’d rather not use the car so much when there.

What facilities does it have?

Good facilities in the holiday home, or nearby, removes the stress from your trip, as you know that everyone will be happy, even if you don’t feel like going anywhere. Check whether your holiday home is fully furnished and equipped and has a full kitchen, as that will be an important part of a self-catering holiday. Check how many bathrooms it has to avoid queues in the morning, or kids getting caught short. Find out if there are nice places to eat and relax and whether it has a TV and WIFI.

Then look whether there’s anything on the doorstep which you can enjoy. Is there a playground, or park nearby, can you walk to a beach, shop or is there any entertainment there? Making sure you know what’s there will help you to pack properly, decide whether board games and books need to come with you, or whether you’ll have lots to do without getting in your car so you don’t need to worry.

At Hookless Holiday Homes all our holiday cottages have three en-suite bedrooms and a guest bathroom, so there will be no issues with privacy or waiting to use the loo while someone is in the shower! They are fully furnished and equipped with an open plan kitchen, dining and living room setup which makes for a wonderfully sociable, shared space. There is secure parking and WIFI and each home has a TV.

On the 5-acre site we have play areas, tennis courts and sports pitches, and a beautiful beach is only a short walk away. There are picnic benches and BBQs you can use, and there is entertainment in the evenings during the summer.

We believe the combination or being in a stunning, rural spot, but with a village feel and facilities is perfect!

Are there any restrictions?

Check to see whether your holiday home allows pets and are child friendly so all members of the family are welcome and happy. Hookless Holiday Homes are proudly pet friendly as we believe that no one should be left behind!

To find out more about Hookless Holiday Homes please browse our website or contact our team to find out more.